Friday, 1 November 2013


BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Verse – 7 of 286, Section – 1 (Part  - 1)
Allah has sealed their hearts and
their hearing, and on their eyes
there is a covering. Theirs will
be an awful doom.       
Khatamallaahu ‘alaa quluu-
bihim wa ‘alaa sam-‘ihim.-
wa ‘alaaa ‘absaarihim gishaawah.
Wa lahum ‘azaabun ‘aziim.


Khatama - (Sealed) means the result which grows due to constantly refusal and opposition of the Truth. Purpose to seal anything is, nothing could enter and nothing could go out of it which has been sealed. For example if the heart has been sealed, then neither the Truth can enter into it and nor boldness can remain to declare the good as agreeable talk.

Quluu-bihim - (Their hearts). Heart does not mean a piece of flesh here but it is the will-power which is center of the wisdom, the sense and the intention.

Sam-‘ihim - (Their hearing), “Sama” means power of hearing, aims their ears.

‘Absaarihim - (Their eyes) (Power of looking)

Ghishaawatun - Covering (to cover, to hide). Hear it means covering of negligence over eyes which look signs of the Truth but still resist accepting the facts.

       It is a universal law in this world that whenever any power does not bring into work or it is not activated, then at last it leaves its function. Same law is about the powers of looking and understanding, if they are kept un-functional constantly they will leave the function of looking and understanding the Truth.

       Sealing the hearts, hearing and covering the eyes of any body by Allah begin, whenever any person intentionally adapts infidelity and persists on it. Every person is given the right nature by Allah and it includes use of thinking power on the signs/marks of God. But whenever mankind misuses his considering powers and devises to follow the Satan changing his side from the teachings of The
Messenger (Peace be upon Him), then he comes out of pity series
of The Prophets (peace be upon Them) and help of God leaves him.
Now he supposes the way of astray as the straight path.

      It is evident that as result of eating poison becomes cause of death, just like this changing one’s side from the orders of God intentionally becomes cause of spiritual death. As we have learnt earlier that life of mankind does not go to end after death but there will be also a second life, which will be result of this life. Constantly disobeying in this life will appear in the shape of a big agony as punishment. 

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