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62.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       When someone performs Hajj and during the performance does not do anything indecent or anything sinful then, he returns so (purified and absolved) of his sins as on the day his mother gave him birth. (Tabarani, Targheeb)

63.  Sayyidina Abdullah bin Mas’ood (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       Perform Hajj and ‘Umrah in succession because they remove poverty and sins as a blacksmith’s bellows remove impurities from iron, gold and silver. As for the Hajj that is accepted, the reward is nothing less than Paradise.   (Tirmizi, Targheeb)

64.  Sayyidina Ibn ‘Abbas (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       Try to discharge the (obligation of) Hajj as early as possible because none of you knows what is going to happen. (Abul Qasim Isbahani, Targheeb)
65.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       Allah points out to the creatures of heaven (the Angels) the people of Arafah (the pil;grims) as a pride creation saying: “Look at My slaves! How disheveled and with unkempt hair they have come to Me.”  (Ahmad, Targheeb)
66.  Sayyidina Abu Umaamah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       He who dies without performing Hajj although he was not stopped from performing it by an obvious helplessness, an oppressive king, or a severe illness then he may die as a Jew if he wishes or as a Christian if he wishes (it is the same with Allah) (Tirmizi, Mishkat)
67.  Sayyidina Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       If anyone observes the Tawaaf (circumambulation of the House of Allah) and then offers two Raka’at prayer, whatever number of steps he has taken, against each step one of his sins is forgiven, one act of piety is recorded in his Record of Deeds and his rank is elevated by one degree. (Ibn Khazeemah, Targheeb)
68.  Sayyidina Talha bin ‘Ubaydullah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       The devil is not seen more debased, let down, ignominious and angry as on the day of Arafah. The reason being is that he sees on that day the Mercy of Allah descending and the great sins of men being forgiven.  (Maalik, Targheeb)
69.  Sayyidina Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       Every day Allah spreads a hundred and twenty portions of His Mercy on the pilgrims of Bayt ul-Haraam (the Sacred House). Sixty of these descend on those who perform the Tawaaf, forty on those who are engaged in prayer and twenty on those who look (at Ka’bah) (Bayhaqi, Targheeb)

Collected  from The Book “Sayings of The Prophet” (Peace Be Upon Him),  Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani &  Published by Darul Ishaat, Urdu Bazaar Karachi,  (collected by: Muhammad Sharif) 

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