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70.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       The fire of Hell will not touch two eyes, one that weeps from fear of Allah and the other that has spent the night as sentry for the sake of Allah. (Tirmizi, Targheeb)

71.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar(Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       May I not reveal to you a night that is superior to the Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power)? (it is the night) when someone stands on sentry duty (during Jihad) on a land where there is fear of the enemy and the risk of not being able to return to one’s family. (Haakim, Targheeb)

72.  Sayyidina ‘Ali bin ‘Abu Taalib (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       If anyone contributes towards Jihad in the cause of Allah and himself stays at home then against every dirham that he gives he will get reward for seven hundred dirham. As for him who personally takes part in the jihad at the same time as making a monetary contribution then against every dirham he will get a reward for seven hundred thousand dirhams. Besides, Allah may increase reward of anyone as many times as He chooses. (Ibn Majah, Targheeb)

73.  Sayyidina Zayd bin Khalid al-Juhani (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       If a person equips a Ghazi (a warrior) in the path of Allah he is also a Ghazi. As for him  who acts as a representative of the Ghazi and is kind to his family (in his absence) then he too is a Ghazi. (Bukhari, Muslim, Targheeb)

74.  Sayyidina Abu Moosa al-Ash’ari (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       The doors of Paradise are under the shade of swords. (Muslim, Tirmizi, Targheeb)

75.  Sayyidina Anas bin Maalik (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       To go out in the cause of Allah once in the morning or in the evening is better than the world and what it contains. (Bukhari, Muslim, Targheeb)

76.  Sayyidina ‘Imraan bin Haseen (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       Anyone standing in the rows (of Jihad) for the sake of Allah is superior in the sight of Allah to sixty years in worship. (Haakim, Targheeb)

77.  Sayyidina Mu’aaz bin Jabal (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
       As for the Muslim who participates in Jihad only so long as it takes for milk to reappear in the udders of a she-camel after it has been milked once, Paradise becomes definite for him. As for him, who suffers an injury in the path of Allah or gets a scratch, on the Day of Resurrection the Mark will appear as large as possible in saffron colour and odour of musk. (Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Targheeb)

 Collected  from The Book “Sayings of The Prophet” (Peace Be Upon Him),  Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani &  Published by Darul Ishaat, Urdu Bazaar Karachi,  (collected by: Muhammad Sharif)

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