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Verse –2 of 7,  Section – 1 (Part 1)

The Beneficent, the Merciful.


Rehmaan – The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Forgiving (an epithet of ALLAH)

When a mankind bears, he falls in different physical and spiritual evils and misfortunes. He needs hundreds of things. All people, Muslims and Infidels, live in this world. They all want HIS mercy. So Allah Almighty has told us about epithet of RAHMAAN. This is to say that ALLAH showers down HIS mercy on each person without distinction. HE doesn’t forfeit HIS rewards from anyone, gives HIS gifts and honors to each person and living creature.

Rahiim – The MERCIFUL, The Pitiful, The Compassionate.
ALLAH explains us about the word RAHIIM that HE pays the people much more than their rights. Who will follow HIS orders, he will be granted special rewards. Bringing this word, RAHIIM, at the end, it has also been explained that after this world, another world (the Day of Judgment) will come. When we will go in the next world, after death, there, as regards to our faith and acts, Allah Almighty will feel special pity upon us.

Beneficence is HIS common epithet and mercy is HIS special epithet.
Being “The BENEFICENT” HE has arranged to complete our each necessity. HE created skies and earth, sun, moon and stars, rivers, seas and ocean, forests and mountains, vegetation, fossils and minerals, beasts and animals etc. HE puts shadow of HIS pity in the hearts of parents so that they love their children whole heartedly and mindlessly. They arrange each type of comfort for their children.

These rewards of ALLAH are equal for all, Muslims and non-Muslims without sense of “the good” and “the bad”. RAHIIM - being the MERCIFUL, ALLAH gives us much more compensation of our good acts. After death also HE will cover us in HIS kindness and bestow us inheritance of Paradise. ALLAH produces great results out of little acts. HE will pay HIS mankind huge rewards for their customary goodness.

From these epithets of Allah Almighty we learn that we also should treat the mankind with love and kindness. We should help them in the matters in which we are able to do something for them. We should excuse them on their errors and slips so that good manners of ALLAH may assert in this world and HIS creature may acquire pleasure.

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