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Unity, Mutual Co-operation and Social Work


Unity, Mutual Co-operation and Social Work

238.  Sayyidina Nu’maan bin Basheer (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         The Believers in their mutual pity, love and affection are like one body. When an organ is in pain the whole body has fever and becomes restless. (Bukhari, Muslim, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

239.  Sayyidina Anas (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         Help your brother whether he is an oppressor or an oppressed. Someone asked, “Messenger of Allah, I will help the oppressed surely; but, how may I help the oppressor?” The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) said: Stop him from oppressing someone. That in itself is helping him. (Bukhari, Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

240.  Sayyidina Jabir and Abu Talhah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ha)
         If a Muslim deserts another Muslim at a time when he is being disgraced and humiliated then Allah will leave him helpless at a time when he is in need of help. But, as for one who helps a Muslim when he is being disgraced and humiliated, Allah will help him at a time when he is in need of help.  (Abu Dawood, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

241.  Sayyidina Abu Darda (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         He who defends the honour of his brother will have Allah remove the Fire from his face on the day of Resurrection.  (Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

242.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not tyrannize him nor does he hand him over to his enemy. As for him, who looks after the needs of his brother Allah will look after his needs. If anyone removes an anxiety of a Muslim, Allah will remove an anxiety from his anxieties on the day of Resurrection. If anyone keeps the secret of a Muslim then Allah will conceal his faults on the day of Resurrection. (Abu Dawood, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

243.  Sayyidina ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         If anyone recompenses an oppressed to get him his rights, Allah will keep him steadfast on the bridge sirat when many steps would waver. (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

244.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         Each one of you is a mirror for his brother. Therefore, if anyone finds a stain on it, he should remove that stain. (Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

245.  Sayyidina Abu Zarr (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         Let not anyone of you think little of any pious deed. If he cannot do anything let him at least meet his brother with good cheer. When you buy meat or cook something, dilute it and send something of it to your neighbour. (Tirmizi, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

246.  Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (Radi-ALLAHO-An-ho)
         When anyone invites people to follow guidance he gets as many rewards as earned by those people who listen to him and follow his advice without anything being deducted from the reward of those people. But, when someone prompts others to do evil then he will get the sin of all those people who have followed his advice while nothing will be lessened from their sin. (Bukhari, Muslim, Jama’ al-Fawaa’id)

Collected  from The Book “Sayings of The Prophet” (Peace Be Upon Him),  Written by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani &  Published by Darul Ishaat, Urdu Bazaar Karachi,  (collected by: Muhammad Sharif)

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