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Bringing Forth Event Of Mary


Bringing Forth Event Of Mary

Surah ‘Aali ‘Imran (The Family Of ‘Imran, Chapter - 3)
Verse – 35 & 36 of  200, Section –4    (Part – 3)

35.  (Remember) when the wife of ‘Imran  said: My Lord! I have vowed unto Thee that which is in my belly as a consecrated (offspring). Accept it from me. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Hearer, the Knower!   

36.  And when she brought forth she said: My Lord! Lo! I have brought it forth a female. And Allah knew best of what she brought forth- and the male is not as the female; and lo! I have named her Mary, and lo! I crave Thy protection for her and for her offspring from Satan the outcast.               
35.  ‘Iz  qaala-timra-‘atu  ‘Imraana  Rabbi  ‘innii  nazartu  laka  maa  fii  batnii  muharraran- fa-taqabbal  minnii.  ‘Innaka  ‘An-tas-Samii-‘ul-  ‘Aliim.       

36.  Falammaa  waza-‘at-haa  qaalat  Rabbi  ‘inni  waza’-tu-haa  ‘unsaa.  Wallaahu  ‘A’-lamu  bimaa  waza-‘at.  Wa  laysaz-zakaru  kal-‘unsaa.  Wa  ‘innii  sammaytuhaa  Maryama  Wa  ‘inniii  ‘u-‘iizuhaabika  wa  zurriyya-tahaa  minash-Shay-taanir-Rajiim.         

‘imra-‘atu  ‘Imraana(spouse of Imran), her name was Hunnah bint e Faaquuz. She had made a vow unto Allah Almighty according to the custom of her time that, which offspring was in her belly, she would set it free in the name of Allah Almighty. It meant, “That child will use to worship Allah Almighty and serve the Church always being free from all worldly works”. She also prayed, “O Lord! Accept it with Your kindness from me. You are the Hearer of my request, and You know my aim as You are the Knower”.

As though, that woman prayed hinting for the birth of a son to her (offspring). But her hope did not come up and absurd a daughter was born from her. Therefore, she said with grief, “My Lord! Lo! I have brought it forth a female”. Allah Almighty commanded her that her daughter was very auspicious, she did not know that her daughter would bring forth a blessed and honorable son (Prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon him).

Wife of Imran requested God Almighty, “I have named her Mary, and I crave Your protection for her and for her offspring from Satan the outcast”. Allah Almighty accepted her request. We have learnt from this narration that, “Although each kind of badness had been grown in the children of Israel in those days, but even then some persons out of them were present who used to love Allah Almighty and they used to endow their children for religious duty.  

Transliteration in Roman Script & English Translation of Holy Qur’an written by Marmaduke; Pickthall, Published by Paak Company, 17-Urdu Bazar, Lahore and Lesson collected from Dars e Qur’an published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore (translated by Muhammad Sharif)  

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