Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Long For Death

BAQARAH – 2 (The Cow)
Long For Death
Verse – 94 of 286, Section – 11 (Part  - 1)

Say (unto them): If the abode of the Hereafter in the providence of Allah is indeed for you alone and not for others of mankind (as ye pretend), then long for death (for ye must long for death) if ye are truthful.
Qul  ‘in-kaanat lakumud-Daarul-‘Aakhiratu  ‘indallaahi  khaalisatam-min-duunin-naasi  fatamannawul-mawta  ‘in-kuntum  saadiqiin.


God Almighty has refuted some other fidelity of the children of Israel in this verse. You have studied earlier that the children of Israel had stood firm on their self invented and false faiths. One out of them was that only they will go into Heaven after death and they will be alone heir of the Paradise. Except them neither any nation of the world will be forgiven and nor will enter the Paradise.

Allah Almighty has proved wrong this self invented and false belief with very simple understanding argument. The children of Israel have been told through the Last Messenger Muhammad (grace, peace and blessings upon Him) that if they were true in their claim that they were alone heir of the Heaven and they would enter the Paradise certainly then they should show long for death, because the person who has faith that after death he will certainly enter the Paradise, he would not have any fear for long of death. There are a lot of difficulties and calamities in this world and in the Paradise there are each type of blessings and facilities. So the person who claims as a heir of the Paradise, he should try to face that world to leave for good this world as soon as possible so that he may get a comfortable life for ever after getting rid of these calamities and difficulties.

This very reason has been produced for the children of Israel that if they certainly believe about the Paradise as that is only for them and except them no other nation will enter into it then they should show to long for death (for they must long for death) if they are truthful. 

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