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Fa-`izaa qara’-tal-Qur-
`aana fasta-‘iz  billahi minash-Shaytaanir-
And when thou recitest the Qur’aan, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast.


Out of the creatures of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, there is also a creature, which is called Satan (devil). He has been born from the fire. When a competition took place between the Angels and Adam (compliments upon them) and Adam (compliments upon him) won the Test, GOD ordered the Angels to bow in front of Adam (compliments upon him). So all the Angels bowed their bodies and placed their foreheads on the ground in front of Adam (compliments upon them). But Satan denied bowing because he had disease of pride in his heart. When he was asked, he replied, “I have been born from the fire and Adam (compliments upon him) from the Mud. So I am better than He. How fire can bow in front of mud”. Hence, due to his pride the Satan was determined outcast forever and till the day of resurrection he was fixed as cursed. Now the Satan decided to take revenge of his disgrace. Any how he put Adam (compliments upon him) and his wife, Eve, out of the Heaven and announced that he would try to misguide the children of Adam (compliments upon him) till the Day of Judgment. It means that the Satan is our real enemy forever. So our LORD (ALLAH ALMIGHTY) ordered us to recite like mentioned above. The Last Messenger Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) guides us that Satan produces effects in your constitution like the blood circulates in your bodies. Satan looks the people but the people neither can look him and nor they can save themselves from the attack of Satan easily. So every body must seek refuge from the effects of Satan. It is included in the respects of recitation of Holy Qur’aan that whenever anyone out of you begins to recite, he should recite first of all, “I seek refuge in ALLAH from Satan the outcast”. So that our MASTER take us in HIS refuge and Satan may not get chance to mislead and allure us in this kind act. Essence of the meanings of Verses may change with wrong interpretation. O ALLAH ALMIGHTY! Save us from each kind of depravity.       
Transliteration in Roman Script, English Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall and Paraphrase collected from Dars e Qur’aan published By Idara Islah wa Tableegh, Lahore & translated By Muhammad Sharif Fauji

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